TK-2 Lite Tank Video Cage


Type: Cage


The Tank DSLR video cage provides an infinite combination of mounting points for virtually any setup you can think of. A great platform for mounting preview monitors, microphones, sound recorders, lights, and more.


The bottom of the Tank DSLR cage is cut out for battery access on most full size DSLR cameras. The Tank is CNC milled from aluminum and black anodized for durability. The TK-2 Lite varies slightly from the TK-2 , the main differences are as follows: the sides no longer use swiss rods but instead are black anodized 15mm rods, plus the two of 8" 15mm rods have female threads on both ends. Also the red disc is gone, using a threaded nut only. Dimensions inside the brackets is 6 inches in height and 8.5 inches in width. If you have a camera with a battery grip or a Nikon D4 where the battery grip is built we recommend you purchase the 10 inch 15mm rods to further extend the height of the cage which is available on our catalog.





Quality CNC all Metal Construction
Tough built for long last
The Tank video cage provides (23) 1/4-20 threaded mounting points on the Top plate along with (2) 3/8" sized female threads
The Side handles of the Tank incorporate the 15mm rods so as to allow extensions to fit
This listing Includes
1x Tank TK-2 Video Cage
1x Rod Clamp
2x 8" Long 15mm Rails female / female ends


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