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Honu v2.0 with Rod Holder Kit


Type: Cage

The Honu v1.0 Cage has been discontinued and replaced with the new Honu v.2.0 Cage.
This cage is now compatible with the Panasonic GH3/GH4 and the Sony A7/A7r/A7s * Hotshoe Lock Not Compatible with Sony Models




The listing combines the Honu v2.0 with the Honu Rod Holder Kit that is compatible with the Panasonic GH3/GH4 and Sony A7/A7r/A7s.


With the Honu Rod Holder Kit, you are now able to attach a set of 15mm rods to the bottom of the Honu v2.0 Cage. With the 15mm rods in place, you can attach various accessories to your set up such as a follow focus. With two 1/4-20" screw holes and one 3/8" screw hole you can mount it directly onto a tripod or attach a QR plate under it.


This unique, fresh and innovative design is the culmination of extensive research coupled with forward looking vision. Our design process is a series of precise steps that engineers engage with fosters innovative results. For Sony Models HotShoe Lock must taken off to properly fit the Sony A7/A7r/A7s camera. 



  • HotShoe Lock
  • Monitor Fits
  • Cables Fit
  • Anti Twist
  • Battery Access
  • Media Access
  • Dovetails
  • Compatible with Sony A7/A7r/A7s and GH3/GH4
  • Mount Various 15mm Rod Accessories
1x Honu GH3/GH4 and Sony A7/A7r/A7s Video Cage
1x Hot Shoe Lock
1x HDMI Clamp
1x 1/4"-20 Camera Tripod Screw
2x Blocking Screws (for anti-twist)
1x Honu Rod Holder
2x 6" 15mm Rods
4x Hex Screws
1x Hex Key
Additional Available Accessories: Top Handle & HDMI Clamp
Fhugen Honu Cage GH3 Top Handle Fhugen Honu Cage GH3 HDMI Clamp


Fhugen Customer Images via Instagram
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