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KamPro GoPro Cage + Hand Grip for GoPro Hero 3/3+

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Type: Accessories


The Kamerar KamPro GoPro Cage is a great accessory that goes well your GoPro Hero 3/3+. The KamPro GoPro Cage protects your GoPro while giving you access to all the great features of the GoPro.



The KamPro GoPro Cage is made of precision CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum and features industry standard ¼”-20 mounting taps. 
The super-tough anodized aluminum cage wraps around the GoPro® and is quickly secured into place by the lockdown thumbscrew.
There is a 37mm Filter Thread built into the cage, allowing for protective/effects filters and lens adapters. 
Careful consideration was taken to insure full access to all ports, switches and card slots.

KamPro GoPro Cage
KamPro GoPro Cage


There are (4) ¼”-20 threads and 2 shoe slots that provide points for mounting the cage or adding of accessories. 
This allows you to mount your KamPro GoPro Cage to anything, or mount anything to it!


With 6 mounting points, there are  many ways to add accessories such as a Handle, LED lights, microphones, external recorder, or other cold shoe accessories directly 
to the KamPro GoPro Cage.

KamPro GoPro Cage
KamPro GoPro Cage


The Kamerar KamPro GoPro Cage has two cold shoe mounts built into the cage that allow you to mount your existing GoPro accessories with the included GoPro Cold Shoe Mount. This mount can be placed in the top or bottom of the cage making this a very versatile cage. In addition you can add on a cold shoe handle to improve the stability of your rig.


Great for run and gun, hand stabilized. The large plastic molded handle makes working with small cameras more ergonomic and stable when shooting video.





  • Super-tough anodized aluminum cage
  • 37mm Filter Thread built into the cage
  • Safety line anchor point for attachment of lanyards
  • Comes with lens cap
  • LCD Backpack fits
  • Tripod Mount Setup

1x KamPro GoPro Cage
1x KamPro Handle
1x Tripod Mount
1x GoPro Cold Shoe Mount

Kamerar® is not affiliated with GoPro®. GoPro® is © 2010 Woodman Labs, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

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