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QV-1 M LCD View Finder Kit


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Type: Accessories

A Perfect Combination
This listing combines our new QV-1 M LCD View Finder with the QB-15 Rail quick release base system. For more information about these products separately, check out the links below.

View Product Information:
>> Kamerar QV-1M LCD View Finder
>> Kamerar QB-15 Rails

Mount Up
This combination of products allow you to quickly attach a set of 8" 15mm rails to the QV-1 baseplate mounted under your camera. The QV-1 Baseplate can also accept Manfrotto 501PL plates if you choose not to use our QV-1 LCD View finder plate.

Add On without the Bulk
With a rail system you can easily attach our FF-3 Follow Focus or other industry standard 15mm accessory. A solid mini-rig solution for run-n-gun camera setups.

If you need to extend your rails, take a look at our 8" 15mm Extension Rails.

  • Fits Manfrotto 701HDV fluid head
  • 501PL compatible
  • QV-1 M uses an innovative magnetic quick release
  • QV-1 M will magnify your lcd screen image by 2.5x
  • QV-1 M has an adjustable diopter ring
  • QB-1 M has 8" 15 mm Rail Rods

1x QV-1 M LCD View Finder
1x QV-1 M Magnetic Quick Release Base Plate
1x QB-15 Quick Base Adapter for 15mm Rails
2x 8" 15mm Rails
1x Lanyard Neckstrap
1x MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth
2x Hex Key Allen Wrench

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