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Kamerar Compact Tripod Ball Head


The Kamerar Compact Ball Head is the perfect accessory to our S-23 Video Camera 23" Slider Mark II. The P&C Compact Ball Head can be mounted to 1/4-20 tripod mounts commonly found on most tripods, monopods, and light stands. 

The Kamerar Compact Ball Head comes with a small Arca Swiss type quick release plate, and will support cameras up to 6lbs. With your camera mounted, the Kamerar Compact Ball Head allows for various angles of your camera, and can also flip to a full 90 degree portrait (sideways) mode.


(**Above: shown with optional S-23 Video Camera 23" Slider Mark II and Canon Camera not included**)


Listing Includes: (1) Kamerar Compact Tripod Ball Head only

                             (1) threaded adapter 3/8"

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