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MAX-1 Matte Box with Donut

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This product do not ship internationally.

PLEASE NOTE: If used with the Tank Cage you may need to raise the height of the camera with a QR plate for the camera to line up correctly.

The Kamerar MAX-1 Video Matte Box is constructed from aluminum and molded plastic. It can support a non-rotating single 4x4 Neutral Density Filter through a removable locking tray. The adjustable metal side and top flags shade the camera lens and can be removed easily for easy transporting.

YouTube Video Review from Yardbless Pro Shooter


The Kamerar MAX-1 matte box mounts to a standard set of 15mm Rails and height on the MAX-1 can be adjusted +/- 2". The Kamerar Universal Donut which is also included which is ideal for stopping light leaks.


Removable / Adjustable Metal Top and Side Flags
One 4x4 non-rotating ND Filter Tray
Adjustable height +/- 2"
Requires 15mm Rails to mount (not included)
Weight: 2.1lbs / 33.5oz.
This listing includes:
1x Kamerar MAX-1 Video Matte Box with adjustable height 15mm Rod Clamp
2x Side Flags
1x Top Flag
1x 4x4 Filter Tray
1x Donut

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