• Video: Using our Kamerar SD-1 Slider Dolly

    After the Rain from Sercan Debelec on Vimeo.

    Here is a nice video titled "After the Rain" by Vimeo user Sercan Debelec. The video was shot at Kugulu Park in Turkey and uses our Kamerar SD-1 Slider Dolly. From straight slides to creative curved movements, the Kamerar Slider Dolly SD-1 offers it all. The SD-1 is a unique linear video camera slider is combined with adjustable axles and smooth bearing dolly wheels. The SD-1 can also be tripod mounted using either 1/4"-20 or 3/8" threads centered under the slider. It's the most versatile slider on the market. For more information on our SD-1 Slider Dolly check out the link below!

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