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Review: SD-1 MK II Slider Dolly

January 27, 2015 0 Comments

Here is a review of one of our newest Mark II slider the SD-1 MK II Slider Dolly done by YouTube reviewer TechCentury. He does a great job explaining all of the great features of the SD-1 MK II along with some sample shots using the slider dolly.

The SD-1 MK II Slider Dolly features four adjustable roller bearings on a frictionless polymer coating to ensure a smooth slide. Our slider dolly combines two great video accessories, which are a typically camera slider and camera dolly, all into one great product. The SD-1 MK II creates dynamic movements that are great for any videos or film. The new slider also offers new balance weight connections on each side so you can attach a string and weights to the slider or create a pulley system that offers better control and a smoother slide movement effect.

For more information on our SD-1 MK II Slider Dolly, check out the link below!

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