• Press Release - MagView LCD View Finder

    Kamerar will be releasing their newest line of LCD view finders - the 'MagView'. The MagView will be available in various sizes to support LCD Screens across several of today's most popular cameras from 16x9, 3", 3.2". and a version specifically for the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.

    [Update 12.27.2013]
    Plans to develop a version for the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera have officially been discontinued. We will not be developing a MagView product for the Pocket Cinema Camera.

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    • Kamerar Admin says...


      Thank you for everyone’s comments concerning our update on the MagView and the BMPCC. We currently want to focus on all the popular camera’s and we may revive the BMPCC MagView project in the future. If anything changes we will make sure to update this post and let everyone know, thank you.

      On January 13, 2014

    • Daniel G says...

      Will you ever make a 3.5" version of the QV-1?

      On January 07, 2014

    • Daniel G says...

      What many people want, including me, is a BMPC version of the QV-1 design, with antitwist baseplate and 3.5" viewfinder solution.

      On January 07, 2014

    • Mico says...

      You are NOT making a making a mag view for the blackmagic camera? Are you people crazy. You will make a fortune selling to blackmagic customers. There are tons of cameras out there. Now take back your update and make the damn thing now.

      On January 05, 2014

    • 3-20-e says...

      Why no Blackmagic version?

      On January 02, 2014

    • Harold says...

      The other day I went out for some shot with my BMPCC. It was sunny with white snow on the ground… Impossible to use the camera. I need a viewfinder.

      On December 13, 2013

    • Kamerar Admin says...

      We are still working on the MagView and at this time we do not have an ETA of when it will be available. It will most likely be ready sometime early next year.

      @Ben We will have one compatible with the Nikon D800

      On December 03, 2013

    • Nathan says...

      Is there another update on when this will be released?

      On November 30, 2013

    • Christopher Roy says...

      When will you release it ? I need one SOON !

      On November 30, 2013

    • Christopher Roy says...

      I would like to purchase the MagView LCD View Finder. Is it available? Where can I order it?

      For the BlackMagic Design pocket video camera.

      On November 20, 2013

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