• The 321 Show review of the Kamerar SD-1 Mark II Slider/Dolly

    This video review of the SD-1 Mark II Slider/Dolly by 321 Show is a great example of what you can do with our innovative slider/dolly. The light yet durable built of the slider/dolly is for all those who seek quality but and still want it to be affordable.

    Take a look this great review this is what he had to say. "I've been testing the Kamerar SD-1 Slider for a few weeks and it's been an awesome experience. Hear my thoughts on the product and see how it performs in this Slider Review!" 321 Show

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  • Review: Kamerar Big Slider in 4K

    Above is a review of our Kamerar Big Slider by YouTube reviewer TechCentury. Check out the video above to see some of the great features of our slider along with his impression of our slider.

    If you are looking for a heavy duty slider with a solid build quality then this slider is for you. Our 39" slider has flip out stands with adjustable height on the rubber padded feet and the wide trolley platform offers stability while tracking your shots. Weighing under 5lbs you can easily travel with the slider in the padded carrying bag that comes with it.

    For more information on our Kamerar Big Slider and to purchase it, check out the product link below.

    More Product Information Here>>

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    So if you have a friend, co-worker or family member that would love Kamerar, invite them to come check out our products!

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  • Review: Kamerar QV-1M LCD View Finder

    Take a look at this review of our Kamerar QV-1M LCD View Finder by YouTube Reviewer PhotoRec Toby!

    Our QV-1M is a great LCD View Finder for smaller Micro Four Thirds camera such as the Panasonic GH4 or the Sony A7. With the innovative magnetic base plate you can easily and quickly put the view finder on or take it off. The view finder can also be lifted up and be used as a sun hood while shooting out doors.

    Check out the link below for more information on the QV-1M LCD View Finder.

    More Information Here >>

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  • Review: SD-1 MK II Slider Dolly

    Here is a review of one of our newest Mark II slider the SD-1 MK II Slider Dolly done by YouTube reviewer TechCentury. He does a great job explaining all of the great features of the SD-1 MK II along with some sample shots using the slider dolly.

    The SD-1 MK II Slider Dolly features four adjustable roller bearings on a frictionless polymer coating to ensure a smooth slide. Our slider dolly combines two great video accessories, which are a typically camera slider and camera dolly, all into one great product. The SD-1 MK II creates dynamic movements that are great for any videos or film. The new slider also offers new balance weight connections on each side so you can attach a string and weights to the slider or create a pulley system that offers better control and a smoother slide movement effect.

    For more information on our SD-1 MK II Slider Dolly, check out the link below!

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  • New S-23, S-47, and SD-1 Mark II Video Sliders!

    Introducing three great new Mark II Sliders. The S-23, S-47 Mark II Video Sliders, and SD-1 Mark II Slider Dolly. Featuring new four ball bearing rollers with adjustable roller bearings on a frictionless polymer coating, offering a smooth slide. The bottom plate is also Arca-Swiss compatible. There is also two new balance weight connections on each side of the slider, so you are able to add weights or create a pulley system to offer a smoother slide.

    For more information about these new great slider check out the product links below!

    More Product Info Here>>
    More Product Info Here>>
     More Product Info Here>>

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  • Slider Reel: Clips using our 23" Video Camera Slider!

    S-23 Kamerar Video Camera 23" Slider Reel from Purple Porcupine Media Services on Vimeo.

    Here is a video from Purple Porcupine Media Services, "Collection of wedding clips that I shot using the S-23 Kamerar Video Camera Slider. There is no stabilization added on any of these clips. Great product!"

    Kamerar's S-23 Video camera slider offers almost 2 Feet of tracking in a lightweight unit. Custom designed from the ground up, the all metal slider is machined with a black anodized finish to provide lasting durability. The red anodized carrier slides using Kamerar's compound friction plate for smooth noise-free operation.

    Check out the product in the link below!

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  • Review: QV-1 M Kit

     Take a look at the is review of our Kamerar QV-1M Kit from DSLRVideoShooter!

    The QV-1M is a great LCD View Finder for smaller Micro Four Thirds cameras such as the Panasonic GH3/GH4. Similar to the Kamerar QV-1, it uses a unique magnetic baseplate system to easily and quickly remove the view finder on and off of your camera.

    Check out the product page in the link below for more information on the Kamerar QV-1M

    More Product Info Here

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  • Kamerar at PDN PhotoPlus Show


    Kamerar was proud to be at the PND PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo in New York City where we met loyal customers. Thank you for taking the time to visit our booth we are very happy you came by. At Kamerar we will continue to make affordable equipment for you to utilize for a personal or commercial use. We understand that it is never the cost of the tool but the effectiveness of the tool user who really makes the difference. We strive to provide the best equipment at an affordable price for everyone to use and create those cinematic shots we are all looking for.

    In this spirit we will continue to create more multi use products to best fit the needs of the independent photographer, videographer or the person who does it as a hobby. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with our product releases and follow us on Facebook, twitter, and Youtube to see our products in action. We thank you for your visit and we hope to see you next year at the show.

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  • Kamerar Tank TK-2 with the Sony A7 Camera

    Here is a video done by YouTube user Craig Shipp, showing his configuration of his Sony A7 in our Kamerar Tank TK-2 Cage. The Tank DSLR Cage is a versatile cage with many mounting points for various accessories for your rig setup. This is one of the many ways that you can setup your cage. For more information on our Tank cages, check out the link below!

     More Product Info Here>>

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